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LInkedin hotelsHow to Be a Star on Linkedin

Having a profile on LinkedIn can be used for everything related to professional life:
find a job, employers, providers, business development, etc.

The use of the LinkedIn network with a large number of members is quite small. However, LinkedIn’s data show that the usage time increases with time of subscription.

In other words, the more you use LinkedIn and more you will use it.

LinkedIn is now an effective way to build, develop and enrich its social capital.

It aims to create a relationship of trust between professionals, students and businesses so that everyone can mobilize these online resources to acquire or develop new ideas, get job opportunities, benefit from expert communities that exist on the network, make crowdsourcing (mainly for business), etc.

However, it is up to everyone to build its online identity online and manage his his e-reputation (online reputation).

Linkedin Presentation – 13 Tips to Be a All Star


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