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17 Tips for Hotelier to Monitor and Improve Your E Reputation 3

Social media, Online reviews, and Search Engines have drastically changed Hotel Business Marketing in the last 5 years. Countless websites exist for the sole purpose of consumers sharing their opinions and experiences with other consumers, in 2011 according to a recent study from Olery they listed 100 Hotel Review Web […]

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7 Tips to Spy on Your Hotel Competitors on Social Networks

7 Tips to Spy on Your Hotel Competitors on Social Networks? These days, spying on your Hotel Competitors is easier than ever. Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networks for Hotel business, and it gives you an advantage that you may never have had before. Because most Twitter […]

Social Media Efforts

Hotels: 8 Tips to Better Organize Your Social Media Efforts 1

Social Media Management can be a difficult task, no matter how long you’ve been, no matter what is your experience on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Pinterest or any of the other platforms. If you compare Social Media with Athletism It’s better to be a marathonian than a sprinter, Social Media […]